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Wrist Coils for Snorkelers Finally Arriving

The CORE Visitor Lionfish Identification Program was designed for all visiting divers and snorkelers that visit the USVI allowing them to participate in the Caribbean Lionfish Response Program. To date we have printed close to a 1000 of these cards and distributed them across the Territory. We had a hard time finding a way to make it easy for the snorkelers to wear the card while they were enjoying are beautiful underwater world, but finally received these sample wrist coils last week which will work perfect for the snorkelers. We also were able to get the divers the best fins for snorkeling. For the divers the cards are being attached to the SPG’s, which makes it very easy for the diver to use and identify Lionfish. We have had great feedback from not only the dive shops that are using the cards on their SPG’s, but the public as well. The visiting divers have been thankful for the cards and happy to participate and help out in the Caribbean Lionfish Response Program. CORE will be ordering 500 of these wrist coils to be distributed across the Territory and will be made available to all Snorkel Tour Companies in the USVI. As with all of CORE’s Educational material, these are supplied at No Charge to the end user. Whether you’re a Dive Shop or Snorkel Tour Company in the USVI, if you would like to participate in this program and have not received these cards, please write your local CORE Program Director on your island.

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