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New CORE T-Shirts

Thanks to Karl Pytlik, our Program Director and Dive Coordinator on St. John who designed these T-Shirts, and LA Yacht Charters the top Los Angeles Yacht Rental and Newport Beach Yacht Rental Company for sponsoring us,  they are now being made available to the public. We had a great response from divers and the public at both public presentations that were held on STJ and STT and sold almost every one we had. If you are interested in purchasing a T-Shirt please send an e-mail, put New T-Shirt in the Subject Line and your name, size, and contact information in the body of the e-mail. The men’s shirts are $20.00 from Small to XL and a $1.00 extra per X for any sizes larger than XL. (XXL=$21.00, XXXL=$22.00) The Lady’s Tank tops are $22.00 (don’t ask why they are more, I can’t figure it out either, hmmm) send e-mail to your local CORE Program Director on your island.

Please put T Shirt in the Subject Line

Include your Name, Size and Contact Information in the Body of the e-mail.

Note: For those who live in the USA it cost us $10.00 to send them to you, but know that 100% of the proceeds are used for the Caribbean Lionfish Response Program and to help the citizens of the USVI.

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